Staying Visa / Kitas

Staying Visa / Kitas for those already married to indonesian citizens

For Foreigners who has been married to Indonesian Citizen/WNI and having official marriage certificate acknowledged by the Government of Indonesia, then they may apply and obtain visa of unifying family/staying visa for 1 (one) year/KITAS sponsored by the spouse with Indonesian nationality, and besides obtaining staying visa for 1 (one) year also shall obtain limited staying permit card/KITAS from the immigration office, in the area where they live.


  1. The original of Marriage Certificate, acknowledged by the government.
  2. Indonesian ID Card/KTP of Indonesian Nationality (the spouse).
  3. Family Registry/Kartu Keluarga of Indonesian National (the spouse).
  4. Personal saving book in the Bank belongs to the Indonesian National (the spouse).
  5. Telephone/Mobile No of Indonesian National (the spouse).

The prices:
The cost for 1 staying visa package for 1 year.
The cost of exit re entry permit is valid for 12 (twelve) months.
Length of visa process: 5 working days.

The price has not yet included:
– Cost for visa taking in Indonesian embassy overseas;
– Cost for visa handling service agent at the time of visa taking in the Indonesian embassy overseas;
– Cost for picking up/escort at the airport at the time of arrival/departure (if necessary).

The above price is not valid for the following 11 countries:
Afghanistan, Guinea, Iraq, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Somalia.   

For the above 11 countries the process to obtain the visa would be longer and the cost would be more expensive, this is because the process to obtain the visa must go through rather long and quite complicated procedures

The price has included: 

  1. Preparation for the necessary documents.
  2. Staying permit from the immigration such as: 1 year Visa, KITAS.
  3. Letters from the Police Department such as: STMD.
  4. Letters from the Ministry of Demography and civil registry such as: SKPPS.
  5. Delivery of visa approval letter/telex visa to Indonesian embassy overseas.

After we have received the documents completely, then we shall begin to file the visa application to the immigration office in Jakarta.  It takes 5 (five) working days to obtain the visa letter of approval from the immigration in Jakarta. After the visa has been granted, then the visa approval letter will be immediately delivered / emailed to the immigration in Jakarta to Indonesian Embassy overseas in accordance with what you point and also we will email the said visa approval letter to you. And further you may take the said visa in Indonesian Embassy/KBRI overseas. After obtaining the visa, you must enter Indonesia in 2 (two) months, otherwise, the visa would be no longer valid/obsolete. After you have entered Indonesia, your passport must be submitted to the immigration office in 30 (thirty) days after the arrival to make KITAS card, and if it is delayed to be submitted in excess of 30 (thirty) days. For the process of making KITAS Card, you are obligated to come to the immigration office to perform finger print, photo taking and signing KITAS card.  In 7 (seven) working days after KITAS has been signed, then you may receive KITAS.

The things to be noted at the time of coming to the immigration office in order to sign KITAS and photo taking:
1. For male, it is not allowed to wear sandal and shorts.
2. For female, it is not allowed to wear sandal mini/scanty dress.

Terms of payment:
– First payment is 50% in advance.
– The rest should be paid after the visa has been obtained.

Remarks on the above Requirements:

  1. If the marriage is performed overseas, then the Marriage Certificate must first be registered in the civil registry office in Indonesia. The process is around 3 (three) working days, and the original of marriage Certificate must be submitted/shown.
  2. The additional cost for Multiple Exit re entry permit in Indonesia valid for 1 (one) year, may be used time and time again for entry exit in Indonesia.
  3. The Saving Book must be from the Bank in Indonesia and having balance minimum in the amount.
  4. The necessary documents for visa application must be the results of scan in accordance with the original document (colored/not black and white photocopy) and it is not necessary for the original documents, also there is no need for legalization.

Question:  May a foreigner the holder of KITAS/KITAP married to Indonesian work?

Answer: In accordance to the immigration regulation No. 6 / 2011 article 61, that a foreigner the Holder of KITAS in article 52 letter e and for the Holder of Permanent residence visa / KITAP in article 54 letter b and d legally married to Indonesian National or the child of foreigner legally married to Indonesian national, may perform work and/or business to meet the needs of livelihood and / or the family.