Seafarer’s visa

Seafarer’s visa / Dahsuskim


Short Visit Visa index : 111 is a visa / entry permit for crews of foreign vessels to be operating for a certain period of time in the Indonesian territorial waters. Holders of visit visa index 111 may apply for DAHSUSKIM directly upon arrival to Indonesia without the need to change the index. Holders of visit visa index 111, upon arrival, will be picked by staffs delivering letters of the Director General of Immigration who will take them to the vessel and sign on at the nearest immigration office at the port. At the departure, they will also be taken by staffs delivering letters of the immigration office to be signed on at the immigration office of the airport. The taking process is called escorting in order to apply WASKAT (Tight Surveillance).Visa applicant must have partner in Indonesia that is a company having complete business permits in the business line of Shipping such as SIUPAL, issued by the Directorate General of Sea Transportation/Dirjen Perhubungan Laut. The role of partner Company as such shall further to become the sponsor and shall provide all the necessary documents for visa application process.
For visa application, the sponsor company in Indonesia must provide the company legalities among them: Company Deed of Establishment, Deed Legalization Decree Letter, certificate of domicile, Tax Payer Registration Number/NPWP, Business Permit/SIUPAL, Company Registration/TDP, ID Card/KTP of Director.

Requirements for Applying Short Visit Visa Index 111:

  1. Application Letter
  2. Passport of Applicant
  3. Seaman Book
  4. Crew List
  5. SIUPAL (Sea Fleet Operation License) issued by the Directorate General of Sea Transportation.
  6. PPKA (Foreign Vessel Use Approval) valid for a maximum period of 3 months and can be extended. (Some short of route license).
  7. ID Card of the Person in Charge


After we have received all the documents completely in order from the sponsor company, then we will file the visa application, with the type of single entry visa, index no 111, for vessel Crews with the objective to join the sea craft/aircraft operating in the territory of Indonesia. After the visa telex has been issued by the immigration in Jakarta, then the applicant must take the visa in the Indonesian embassy/KBRI overseas nearest to them. Afterwards, they can immediately enter Indonesia. After entry, it is obligated for the concerned person to verify signature at the local immigration office in their area of operation. After we obtain the copy of passport, copy of visa & embarkation stamp, then we will handle the Permit of DAHSUSKIM in the Directorate General of Immigration, Jakarta and will alter the index of visa from index 111 to DAHSUSKIM for crews to join the vessel to be in operation in the territory of Indonesia, and the validity period of DAHSUSKIM depending on/adjusted with the the validity period of PPKA perit from the sea Transporation Official/Dinas Perhubungan laut, usually it is valid for maximum 3 months. If those crews are about to depart from the territory of Indonesia, then they must perform verification again/sign off at the local immigration office.

If those crews have already entered Indonesia using other type of visa other than index 111, and would like to apply for the change of index to become DAHSUSKIM, then the cost for the index changing process would be a little bit more expensive.

The Services :

 Types of Documents
Telex of Short Visit Visa 111
Airport handling for users of visa index 111
Processing of sign on at immigration office in the port for foreign citizens holding DAHSUSKIM
Processing of sign on at immigration office in the port for foreign citizens holding DAHSUSKIM who will leave Indonesia
Escort at departure for holders of visa index 111 + processing of sign off at the immigration of the port
Change from Index 211 to index 111



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