Permanent stay visa / KITAP

This visa is valid for 5 years and it may be extended every 5 years, maximum 5 times of extension.

For foreign nationals who have stayed in Indonesia as the holder of “Limited stay Permit” visa or the holder of KITAS card, many file for Permanent residence visa / KITAP when the requirements have been met.

Those who are able to file and obtain KITAP card, among other things, are those who are as follows:

  1. Foreigners who have legally married to an Indonesian citizen.
  2. The owner/holder of shares of foreign company in Indonesia in the form of Limited Liability Company of foregn investment.
  3. Former Indonesian citizen who have become foreign citizen and having the evidence of the withdrawal of Indonesian nationality letter from the Government of Indonesia.
  4. Foreigner who is the holder of Retirement Visa in Indonesia.
  5. The Child/Wife of foreigner who is the holder of KITAP.

The Price: At the time of application.
Processing length of time: 3 Months (after the requirements have been completed).




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Indonesia’s Permanent Stay Permits(KITAP) Article 54, about who qualifies for a KITAP. Article 60, explaining when they qualify. Article 59, stating the period a KITAP remains valid. Article 61, giving