• RPTKA (Plan for the use expatriate
    Issued by the Ministry of Manpower.
  • TA-01 (Work Recommendation)
    Issued by the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) or Ministry of Manpower.
  • VITAS (Limited Stay Visa)
    Issued by the Ministry of Justice & Human Right- Director General of Immigration.
  • KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card)
    Issued by the Ministry of Justice & Human Rights – Director General of Immigration.
  • POA (Alien Registration / blue book)
    Issued by the Ministry of Justice & Human Rights – Director General of Immigration.
  • IMTA (Expatriate work permit card / Red book)
    Issued by the Ministry of Manpower.
  • SKPPS (Certificate of Registration Temporary Resident)
    Issued by Provincial office for Resident Affairs.
  • STM (Report Certificate)
    Issued by the Regional Resort Police Station.
  • LAPOR KEBERADAAN ( Report of Expatriate Availability)
    Issued by the Regional Department of Manpower.
  • MERP (Multiple Exit Re-entry) optional
    Issued by Regional Immigration office (extended every six months).
  • Final Departure or EPO (Exit Permit Only)
  • Retirement Visas
  • Visa Extensions
  • Business License (SIUP)
  • General Import License (APIU)
  • Special Import License (NPIK)
  • Company Registration (TDP)
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), included certification
  • Company establishment and reorganized
  • Others

List of Our Services

1VITAS (Visa Tinggal Terbatas)7
2VKU - (Telex Visa Kunjungan Usaha)7
3VKBS - Telex Visa Kunjungan Sosial Budaya7
5Penalty Fee - Keterlambatan Perpanjangan1
6Pendaftaran Orang Asing (Imigrasi/DKI)3
7Visa Kunjungan Beberapa Hari Perjalanan (211) 7
8Visa Kunjungan Beberapa Hari Perjalanan (211) sudah pernah 7
9Perpanjangan Visa 5
10Approval Wilayah untuk perpanjangan visa ke 3 dst3
11ACC WN untuk VKBP/VK + Appr. DEPLU (Pak, Sri, India,dll)3
12ACC Paspor kurang dari 18 bulan proses di DIRJEN / Bulan 1
13ACC Tidak ada Id Card / Resident Visa /BNN proses di Dirjen 1
untuk WN Rawan
14KITAS - Baru5
15KITAS - Perpanjangan (I-II-III) via Wilayah5
16KITAS - Perpanjangan Wilayah & Dirjenim7
17KITAS - Provisional dengam surat5
18KITAS - Perpanjangan + Alih Sponsor / Mutasi Jabatan7
19Foto Biometric at Immigration Office1
20Fingerprint biometric at Immigration Office1
21Surat Wilayah Perpanjangan KITAS + Alih Sponsor / Jabatan 3
22Approval Dirjen Ext KITAS + Alih Sponsor/Jabatan 3
23ACC WN India, Pak, Sri , untuk KITAS/MERP/SERP1
24ERP - No return ( Document Complete)3
25ERP - No. return ( tidak ada Kitas )3
26BUKU POA - Baru3
27BUKU POA - Perpanjangan3
28BUKU POA - Mutasi Alamat/ Jabatan/ Posisi3
29BUKU POA - Pencabutan3
30M.E.R.P - Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit3
31Multiple ERP + Approval (or ACC) on KITAS 5 months3
32ACC Approval KITAS kurang dari 3 bulan untuk MERP1
33ERP - Single Exit Re-Entry Permit3
34ERP - Single Exit Re-Entry Permit + ACC KITAS kurang dari 3 bulan3
35ACC Approval KITAS kurang dari 1 bulan untuk MERP1
36Provisional ERP2
37EPO - Exit Permit Only2
38ACC Approval for EPO Prov I1
39ACC Approval for EPO Prov II1
40PASPOR - Mutasi Lama ke Baru3
41Mutasi Alamat Jakarta - Jakarta (BPOA+SKPPS+STM)14
42New /Ext. Pasport RI7
43New Pasport RI Botabek7
44ACC Approval for Pasport RI Without ID Card (KTP) - anak 1
45TA.00 - Depnaker Pusat 4
46TA.01 - Depnaker Pusat 4
47TA.02 - Depnaker Pusat 4
48TA.02 - Rekomendasi Kanwil Depnaker4
49Lapor Keberadaan TKA (Perpanjangan)3
50TA.03 - Depnaker 4
51TA.04 - Depnaker Baru7
52TA.04 - Depnaker Perpanjangan7
53TA.04 - Kanwil Depnaker (Perpanjangan)7
54TA.04 - Sementara - Depnaker Pusat 7
55Pencabutan TA.04 - Depnaker Pusat 7
56Pengalihan DPKK14
57STM - Baru2
58STM - Perpanjangan2
59SKLD - Baru21
60SKLD - Perpanjangan21
61SKLD - Perpanjangan Provisional14
62SKLD - Mutasi Alamat/Jabatan/Sponsor/Pasport etc14
63SKLD - Pencabutan7
64SKJ - Pemegang KITAS3
65SKJ - Pemegang Ijing Kerja Sementara3
66SKJ - Pemegang VKU3
67Approval BIA for SKJ 1
68SKTT - Baru3
69SKTT - Perpanjangan/Prov/Mutasi Alamat3
70SKTT - Pencabutan3
71SKPP - Baru3
72SKPP - Perpanjangan/Prov/Mutasi Alamat 3
73SKPP - Pencabutan3
74RPTK (per orang)14
75Dahsuskim ( Dirjen )/orang7
76Akte Pengawasan Ketenaga kerjaan 5
77International Driving License - New (P/A)2
78International Driving License - Extension (P/A)2
79Wajib Lapor Ketenaga Kerjaan (UU No. 7)4
80DKI Clearance (Sudin DKI/Kepolisian/Depnaker/Imigrasi)/1
81Mutasi Alamat Jakarta - Daerah (BPOA)2
82Service Fee for Process Visa at Embassy1

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