Indonesia’s Permanent Stay Permits(KITAP)

  • Article 54, about who qualifies for a KITAP.
  • Article 60, explaining when they qualify.
  • Article 59, stating the period a KITAP remains valid.
  • Article 61, giving a ‘right’ to work.
  • But how long does it take to get it?
  • What is the cost?
  • What are the benefits?

Questions? The International Oceania provides the answers.

Who qualifies for a Kitap?
Investors (shareholders of an Indonesian company), senior executives (normally members of the Board of Directors or Board of Commissioners), retirees/pensioners (older than 55 years of age) and spouses married to Indonesian citizens.

When do they qualify for a Kitap?
Investors, top employees and retirees after they get a Kitas for 3 consecutive years. Spouses qualify after just 2 years of marriage.

How long does a Kitap remain valid?
A Permanent-Stay Permit (Kitap) is valid for 5 years if your status does not change during this period. The Kitap can be automatically extended for a further 5-year period, requiring only an application for a new Kitap card.

Do Kitap holders have the right to work?
According to Article 61 of Immigration Law No. 6, 2011, foreign spouses have the right to work in order to provide a living for their respective families. Recently, the Ministry of Manpower accepted the wife as the Kitap sponsor and the company as the IMTA (Work Permit) sponsor. This means that a spouse can work for a company and retain his wife as his Kitap sponsor, provided the Ministry is paid the annual Skill and Development Fund Fee (DPKK) of US$1,200.

Please be advised! You can save the DPKK if you become a sole proprietor and work for yourself,and thus are not working for a company.

How do you get the Kitap?

Just by submitting at the regional Immigration Office an application with the right attachments, to convert your Kitas into a Kitap. If you don’t have a Kitas yet, apply for the Kitas first and then convert.

What documentation do we require?

Applying is Ok, but please arrange your paperwork properly.

  • Passport, which must have an 18 months validity.
  • Kitas.
  • Marriage documents (for spouses).
  • Sponsor letter, from company or spouse.
  • Request letter for change from Kitas to Kitap.
  • Employee documents (RPTKA, TA01, IMTA).
  • Company documents (AoA, SK, TDP, SIUP or IUT).
  • Application forms for Kitap (Nos. 24, 26 and 27).
  • Local registrations (STM, SKPP, KIP).

How long does the process take?
If all the required documents are submitted correctly, the process takes between 6 to 8 weeks from the date of filing the application. This is an automatic and smooth process, provided you an applicant has completed their homework and obtained all the necessary documentation. This is important. Most the documents that an you or your company need is easily available.

What are the benefits of the Kitap?

  • The Permanent-Stay Permit (Kitap) is valid for 5 years, negating the hassle associated with other visa types, including the Kitas
  • A travel permit, the Multiple Exit and Re-entry Permit (MERP), is valid for 2 years. It allows the holder to exit and enter Indonesia for business, leisure or other purposes whenever they require
  • A 5-year national police registration card (SKLD)
  • An Indonesian identity card (KTP), valid for 5 years
  • An Indonesian driver’s license (SIM), valid for 5 years
  • The opportunity to open bank accounts, obtain credit cards and secure bank loans
  • Local prices when booking a 4- to 5-Star hotel

How does the process work?

After The International Oceania has assessed all the required personal and company documents, we will determine which documents need to be sources or update prior to any application. We will then provide:

  • Sponsor letter.
  • Request letter for change Kitas to Kitap.
  • The application forms needed.


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