Taking visa in Singapore with quick process

For foreigners already obtaining visa approval letter/telex visa from Jakarta immigration and are about to take their visa in the Indonesian embassy in Singapore, we can help to take their visa in Singapore with speedy process, completed in 1 day, so you don’t need to stay too long in Singapore or even don’t need stay there at all, as long as you can arrive in Singapore in the morning to submit your passport between 9 am to 11 am. and you will obtain your passport back at 5 pm and you can fly again to Indonesia in the evening at the very same day.

As for the requirements that must be made ready to take visa in Singapore are as follows:

  • Passport must be valid more than six months for getting a two months visit visa and one year for getting Multiple entry visa or Limited stay visa / VITAS.
  • Two clean passport pages for visa stamping
  • One recent passport size photo (3cmx4cm or 4cmx6cm) with red back ground, the photo must be original one not the result of scan (taken in studio or machine)
  • Copy of the visa approval telex issued by the Jakarta immigration.

For work visa taking or multiple entries, it is recommended to make the taking in Singapore and it is not recommended to take it in Manila, Jeddah, Riyadh because based on our experience by making the visa taking in those countries is very difficult and time consuming even though the foreigner has applied for the visa in Jakarta and has already obtained the approval letter for the visa in Jakarta immigration.

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