Student visa

This type of visa is appropriated for student who would like to stay in Indonesia for the purpose studying in one of the schools or colleges in Indonesia. The holder of this type of visa may stay in Indonesia for 1 full year using limited stay visa and shall obtain KITAS card from the local immigration office in the area where he/she stays and also will obtain other important documents such as Police clearance from the police department, etc.

The following are the stages & procedures for study visa handling :

  1. Foreign student candidate must search and determine one of the schools/colleges in Indonesia.
  2. When the school/college has admitted the concerned foreign student candidate, then the school/college party must put forth the application to obtain recommendation letter from the National Education Department.
  3. National Education Department passes on that letter to Foreign Affairs Cooperation Bureau (BKLN).
  4. Foreign Affairs Cooperation Bureau (BKLN) issues study permit approval letter addressed to the concerned school/college.
  5. Forwarding study visa to the government of Indonesia by attaching the study permit approval letter from BKLN (the original) and application letter from the concerned school/college, as well as attaching copy of passport for the whole pages, still valid for 18 (eighteen) months.

Processing length of time: 60 Working days.