Retirement visa (Type 319)

 (Type 319)


Indonesia is one of very suitable places to be made as a place to live or as residential place for those entering their retirement age, which is the age of 55 years old according to the regulations in Indonesia. Whereas in this retiring period one’s life is really in need of attention and needing a good, healthy, and positive environment in order for the life to live may be felt as beautiful, convenient, and pleasurable. Thus far there have been many foreign nationals entering their retirement age deciding to live in Indonesia and no longer have the desire to depart from Indonesia. Among several reasons why they no longer desire depart from Indonesia, generally they give the reason that the climate in Indonesia is very suitable for them. The climate in Indonesia is always warm throughout the year, with no extreme climate either cold or hot. Another reason is, besides its security is quite stable and the culture of its population very much honoring differences, whether the difference of religion, ethnicity, and race, its population are also very friendly and concerned to people already at their very old age. Indeed the original culture of Indonesian population is friendly culture and very much honoring people of old age. This culture still can truly be seen clearly especially in the life of non-urban people. Those are some of the reasons why they choose Indonesia as their final residential place.
In order to realize the desire of the majority of the above mentioned foreign nationals therefore the government of Indonesia has made a program and issued several special immigration regulations to make it easier for foreign nationals interested to spend their remaining life in Indonesia providing that they have the financial resources to finance their life and health during their stay in Indonesia. Among those conveniences already realized by the government is by providing convenience in the process of getting staying visa/KITAS valid for 1 year and may be extended every year maximum 5 times extension. Further if they are interested they may file for Permanent residence / KITAP valid for 5 years and may be extended every 5 years.

Among the names of countries having the retirement visa facility are as follows:
Netherland, USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom ,Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Hungary, India, Ireland, Iran, Iceland, South Korea,  Kuwait, Liechtenstein,  Maldives,  Malta, Egypt, Monaco, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Surinam.

In the framework of helping to realize the above government program and in the framework of helping the process of making it easier to obtain visa as well as the process of moving from their country of origin to Indonesia, therefore we, , makes a program called “Retirement programwhereas the objective of this program is to help those interested in it by means of guiding stage by stage through providing and giving the necessary information completely and accurately, among them the information around matters of visa requirements, immigration regulations and other staying permit documents that must be obtained, sponsorship, information on good and suitable areas as residential place, also capable to help in finding local staffs trustworthy and other necessary information.  is truly your partner in Indonesia working professionally and trustworthily.

Through this program every interested party shall obtain several benefits, among them:

  • Obtaining visa in quicker and simpler way.
  • PT.IO can help when there are still visa requirements lacking or cannot be met by the applicant.
  • Obtaining guarantee for 1 full year from the sponsoring company with good reputation and  already having legal permit from the Indonesian government.
  • PT.IO can help in taking visa in Indonesian Embassy in Singapore with quick process (1 day  finished) with additional cost in Singapore of SGD 230.
  • Obtaining important information routinely around the issue of visa & immigration, (when there is change of regulations).
  • Obtaining emergency help in 24 hours, when necessary.
  • PT.IO will be in coordination with related parties in case there is a calamity and shall inform it to the family overseas.
  • Obtaining other information possibly necessary such as: finding trustworthy local staff, info on areas and housing good and suitable to live in, etc.
  • Capable to be consulted freely with no charge around the issue of visa and immigration, taxation, company establishment, etc.

The price has included:

  • Letters from the Immigration such as: 1 year staying visa, KITAS.
  • Letters from the Police Department such as: STMD.
  • Letters from the Ministry of Demography and civil registry such as: SKPPS  (for part of the areas).
  • Guarantee Letter from Sponsor in Indonesia to the immigration party.
  • Consultation cost for 1 year.

The price has not included:

The cost of multiple exit re-entry permit valid for 1 year .

The requirements necessary to file for Retirement Visa are as follows:


  • Age is already 55 years old.
  • Passport copy around 6 pages and still valid or minimum 18 months.
  • Passport must still has blank pages minimum 4 pages.
  • The latest pass photo with size 2x3cm= 8 , 4x6cm=8 photos, with red color background.
  • Already have residential address in Indonesia.
  • Having pension fund minimum USD 1,500/month complete with an evidence from the Pension Institution or Bank Savings Account (Deposit) minimum USD 15,000 also with an evidence from the Bank
  • Having Life Insurance with an evidence of the premium coverage from the Insurance Company (Insurer)

If the above requirements are not able to be met/provided all of them by the applicant then PT.International Oceania can help to complete them and shall process the visa in accordance with the schedule already determined.

After we have received the documents completely, then we shall begin to file the visa application to the immigration office in Jakarta.  It takes 30 (thirty) working days to obtain the visa approval letter / telex visa from the immigration in Jakarta. After the visa has been granted, then the visa approval letter will be immediately delivered / emailed by the immigration in Jakarta to Indonesian Embassy overseas in accordance with what you point and also we will email the said visa approval letter to you. And further you may take the said visa in Indonesian Embassy/KBRI overseas. After obtaining the visa, you must enter Indonesia in 2 (two) months, otherwise, the visa would be no longer valid/obsolete. After you have entered Indonesia, your passport must be submitted to the immigration office in 30 (thirty)  days after the arrival to make KITAS card, and if it is delayed to be submitted in excess of 30 (thirty) days. For the process of making KITAS Card, you are obligated to come to the immigration office to perform finger print, photo taking and signing KITAS card.  In 7 (seven)  working days after KITAS has been signed, then you may receive KITAS.

The requirements for visa taking in Indonesian embassy overseas:

  • Your passport must still be valid for more than 18 months
  • There are still 2 blank pages in the passport which are still clean / empty.
  • One latest photo with 3 cm x 4 cm or 4 cm x 6 cm in size with red color background. The photo must be original one not the result of scan (taken in studio on machine).
  • Photocopy of visa approval letter from the immigration in Jakarta.

The things to be noted at the time of coming to the immigration office in order to sign KITAS and photo taking:
1. For male, it is not allowed to wear sandal and shorts.
2. For female, it is not allowed to wear sandal and mini/scanty dress.



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