Artist visa

PT. International Oceania has an official permission from the government as a company with impesario permission, whereas with this permit we can bring in and sponsored the foreign artists who will perform live entertainment events in public in Indonesia. With the sponsor of our company, the foreign artist will obtain official permission to work temporarily for 1-6 months by receiving KITAS card from the Indonesian immigration office and also will get other licenses letters to conduct their activities in Indonesia legally.
This type of visa is appropriated for foreigner who visits Indonesia with the purpose to perform a series of entertainment show activities in public with payment such as singer, dancer, magician, circus player, acrobatic player, etc. User of this visa, besides having to obtain visa from the immigration, is also obliged to have permit letters in holding show in public from various government institution such as from the police department, labor department, tourism department, and other related institutions.

The Requirements :
1. Scan Copy of passport (still valid more 12 months at the time of filing)
2. Curiculum vitae
3. Job contract with your promotor/ event organizer in Indonesia/
4. photographs size 4cm x 6cm: 6 pcs (Red background)



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